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Elsa Yang
Elsa Yang

Born in Wuhan, China, Elsa Yang moved to Hong Kong in the 1970s. She studied abroad in Japan and Australia, obtaining a social sciences degree from Macquarie University, before completing the PhD program at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Japanese Studies in 2007. Known primarily for the screenplays she has written for director Herman Yau, with whom she regularly collaborates, Yang has also in recent years written for other directors. Her first screenplay to be directed by Yau was From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001), a fictitious account based on a real-life story regarding juvenile offenders indefinitely left behind in detention by Hong Kong’s colonial authorities following the 1997 handover owing to a leniency clause in British law. This debut film showcased Yang’s sense of social concern and her interest in marginalized lives, characteristics of her screenwriting work that would also be displayed in such further Herman Yau collaborations as Give Me a Chance (2003), about troubled youth who turn to street dancing as a means of expression, and Whispers and Moans (2007), a set of stories about the lives of sex workers in Hong Kong based on scrupulous research conducted by Yang. The critical success of Whispers and Moans was such that it led to a sequel, True Women for Sale (2008), also directed by Yau and written by Yang. With All About Love (2010), her screenplay for Ann Hui’s lesbian comedy set amidst a yuppie milieu, Yang began writing scripts regularly for other directors. She has written Hi, Fidelity (2011) – a drama about adulterous wives and mistresses – for director Calvin Poon, as well as collaborating with Taiwanese director Teng Yung-Shing on Return Ticket (2011), a road movie starring Qin Hailu about a migrant worker who makes her way from Shenzhen to Shanghai. In 2012, she wrote yet another screenplay for Herman Yau: Love Lifting (2012), a relationship drama starring Chapman To and Elaine Kong.

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Feature Films:

Role Title (English) Title (Chinese) Year
Writer Live at Love 活路:妒忌私家偵探社 2014
My Mandala 原來你還在 2013
Co-writer with Yau Lai-to Herman and Wang Ya-wen Lifting Love 高舉‧愛 2012
Co-writer with Qin Hai-lu, Teng Yung-shing, Yang Nan-chian, Ge Wen-zhe and Xi Ran Return Ticket 到阜陽六百里 2011
Co-writer with Poon Yuen-leung Calvin Hi, Fidelity 出軌的女人 2011
Writer All About Love 得閒炒飯 2010
Co-writer with Yau Lai-to Herman True Women for Sale 性工作者2:我不賣身 我賣子宮 2008
Co-writer with Yau Lai-to Herman Whispers and Moans 性工作者十日談 2007
Co-writer with Yau Lai-to Herman Give Me a Chance 給他們一個機會 2003
Co-writer with Yau Lai-to Herman Happy Family 風流家族 2002
Writer From the Queen to the Chief Executive 等候董建華發落 2001

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