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Nancy Tong
Nancy Tong

Nancy M. Tong has been making documentary films since 1977.  Upon graduating with honours from Canada’s York University, she returned to Hong Kong and worked as a documentary producer for television. In 1981 she arrived in New York City and became an active member of the Asian American film community. She held key positions on documentaries broadcasted on American television networks such as ABC, PBS, and HBO. Her credits include Associate Producer of the Academy Award nominated documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1989), Co-Producer of the Peabody Award winner Cancer: from Evolution to Revolution, Director of In the Name of the Emperor (1998) which was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the San Francisco International Film Festival, and Producer and Director of Trailblazers in Habits (2013) which was aired on ABC network in November 2014.  She also managed the New York production of award-winning Hong Kong feature films such as Mabel Cheung’s An Autumn’s Tale (1986), and Clara Law’s Farewell China (1990). Some of her work is on permanent exhibition at New York’s Museum of Chinese in America (MoCA).  Since 1999, Tong has been teaching documentary production in Hong Kong, Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia.  She currently splits her time between making films and teaching at the University of Hong Kong’s Journalism and Media Studies Centre. She can be reached at

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Feature Films:

Role Title (English) Title (Chinese) Year
Trailblazers in Habits N/A 2013
Co-producer Cancer: from Evolution to Revolution N/A 2001
In the Name of the Emperor 奉天皇之名 1998
Line producer Farewell, China 愛在別鄉的季節 1990
Production manager Black Cat 黑貓 1990
Associate producer Who Killed Vincent Chin? 誰謀殺了陳果仁? 1989

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Trailblazers in Habits (2013):

National Catholic Reporter – ‘Trailblazers in Habits’ documents great women doing great things

– Film pays tribute to city’s big sisters
– Documentary on the Maryknoll nuns sets its director on new path

Signis – “Trailblazers in Habits”: New Maryknoll Documentary

The In Network – Nancy Tong – The INNdustry With Sister Rose (Video material)


In the Name of the Emperor (1998): 

The New York Times – FILM REVIEW;Horrors Committed by the Japanese


Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1987):

Los Angles Times – MOVIE REVIEW : Rhetorical Question: ‘Who Killed Vincent Chin?’ : Thought-provoking documentary leaves conclusions to viewers at UCI’s Asian/Pacific Film and Video Festival.

The New York Times – Who Killed Vincent Chin? (1988)



Fountain of Love and Life – 彼此洗腳 (Pod cast interview, Chinese only)


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