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Mona Fong
Mona Fong

Mona Fong Yat-wah – also known as Lady Shaw – is the second wife of the late Sir Run Run Shaw. She is a prominent film and television producer, with one hundred and thirty film producer credits to her name. Fong’s early career began in the 1950s as a nightclub singer and recording artist, where she was most famous in Hong Kong and Singapore. Lady Shaw held various top-level positions at TVB from between 1988 and 2012. She is now Non-executive Director of the Company. After meeting Sir Run Run, she became a procurement manager of Shaw Brothers in 1969 and deputy chairman in 1999. She is currently chairperson of The Shaw Foundation Hong Kong Limited, The Shaw Prize Foundation Limited and The Sir Run Run Shaw Charitable Trust and a member of the Board of Trustees of Shaw College of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since the handover, Fong has been relatively less active in filmmaking, producing four films in the space of nine years; Hero (1997), Lifeline (1997), Drunken Monkey (2003), and Karmic Mahjong (2006).

She passed away on 22 November, 2017, aged 83.

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Feature Films:

Co-producer with Chiao Hung-bing Peggy Karmic Mahjong 血戰到底 2006
Co-producer with Tong Gang, Wong Ka-hay Lawrence and Jin Zhong-qiang Drunken Monkey 醉馬騮 2003
Producer Lifeline 十萬火急 1997
Producer Hero 馬永貞 1997
Co-producer with Hon Pau-chu The King of Masks 變臉 1996
Producer Out of the Dark 回魂夜 1995
Producer Loving You 無味神探 1995
Producer Whatever You Want 破壞之王 1994
Producer Love on Delivery 珠光寶氣 1994
Producer The Mad Monk 濟公 1993
Producer The Bare-Footed Kid 赤腳小子 1993
Producer Justice, My Foot! 審死官 1992
Producer Love Me and Dad 又見冤家 1988
Producer Starry Is the Night 今夜星光燦爛 1988
Producer Painted Faces 七小福 1988
Producer Love with the Perfect Stranger 鬼馬飛人 1985
Producer Pursuit of a Killer 霹靂十傑 1985
Producer Journey of the Doomed 水兒武士 1985
Producer Let’s Make Laugh II 替槍老豆 1985
Producer Carry on Doctors and Nurses 天官賜福 1985
Producer The Master Strikes Back 錯點鴛鴦 1985
Producer How to Choose a Royal Bride 天使出更 1985
Producer Hong Kong Godfather 江湖了斷 1985
Producer This Man Is Dangerous 非法移民 1985
Producer Let’s Have a Baby 摩登仙履奇緣 1985
Producer Girl with the Diamond Slipper 再見七日情 1985
Producer Puppy Love 山東狂人 1985
Producer The Illegal Immigrant 皇家大賊 1985
Producer The Flying Mr. B 弟子也瘋狂 1985
Producer Danger Has Two Faces 鬥氣小神仙 1985
Producer Crazy Shaolin Disciples 教頭發威 1985
Producer Disciples of the 36th Chamber 尖東梟雄 1985
Producer My Name Ain’t Suzie 花街時代 1985
Producer Mr. Virgin 我愛神仙遮 1984
Producer Return of the Bastard Swordsman 愛奴新傳 1984
Producer The Siamese Twins 魔殿屠龍 1984
Producer Pale Passion 城市之光 1984
Producer I Love Lolanto 我愛羅蘭度 1984
Producer Secret Service of the Imperial Court 傾城之戀 1984
Producer Prince Charming 青蛙王子 1984
Producer Sex Beyond the Grave 五郎八卦棍 1984
Producer Wits of the Brats 連體 1984
Producer Opium and the Kung-Fu Master 唐朝豪放女 1984
Producer A Friend from Inner Space 布衣神相 1984
Producer Lust from Love of a Chinese Courtesan 風流冤鬼 1984
Producer Thunderclap 緣份 1984
Producer I Will Finally Knock You Down, Dad! 我為你狂 1984
Producer Misfire 南斗官三鬥北少爺 1984
Producer An Amorous Woman of Tang Dynasty 游俠情 1984
Producer Long Road to Gallantry 新飛狐外傳 1984
Producer Maybe It’s Love 窺情 1984
Producer My Darling Genie 我愛神仙遮錦衣衛 1984
Producer Behind the Yellow Line 洪拳大師 1984
Producer Family Light Affair 霹靂雷電 1984
Producer New Tales of the Flying Fox 窺情 1984
Producer Love in a Fallen City 三十處男 1984
Producer The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter 奸人鬼 1984
Producer The Hidden Power of the Dragon Sabre 走火炮 1984
Producer Mad, Mad 83 神通術與小霸王 1983
Producer Let’s Make Laugh 毀滅號地車 1983
Producer Tales of a Eunuch 掌門人 1983
Producer Descendant of the Sun 種鬼 1983
Producer The Weird Man 天蠶變 1983
Producer The Boxer’s Omen 滿天神佛 1983
Producer Men from the Gutter 表錯七日情 1983
Producer Shaolin Prince 水晶人 1983
Producer Portrait in Crystal 少林傳人 1983
Producer Usurpers of Emperor’s Power 星際鈍胎 1983
Producer Hong Kong, Hong Kong 妖魂 1983
Producer The Enchantress 清宮啟示錄 1983
Producer Hong Kong Playboys 樑上君子 1983
Producer Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 楊過與小龍女 1983
Producer Shaolin Intruders 暗渠 1983
Producer Holy Flame of the Martial World 封神劫 1983
Producer Bastard Swordsman 武林聖火令 1983
Producer The Lady Assassin 男與女 1983
Producer On the Wrong Track 六指琴魔 1983
Producer Little Dragon Maiden 花心大少 1983
Producer Ghosts Galore 1983
Producer The Lady Is the Boss 日劫 1983
Producer Fast Fingers 鹿鼎記 1983
Producer Seeding of a Ghost 瘋狂83 1983
Producer Demon of the Lute 三闖少林 1983
Producer Five Element Ninjas 五遁忍術 1982
Producer The Emperor and the Minister 十八般武藝 1982
Producer Rolls, Rolls, I Love You 沖宵樓 1982
Producer Mercenaries from Hong Kong 乾隆皇君臣鬥智 1982
Producer Godfather from Canton 俠客行 1982
Producer Perils of the Sentimental Swordsman 御貓三戲錦毛鼠 1982
Producer Buddha’s Palm 賊王之王 1982
Producer Clan Feuds 人皮燈籠 1982
Producer Tiger Killer 獵魔者 1982
Producer House of Traps 城寨出來者 1982
Producer Kid from Kwangtung 邪完再邪 1982
Producer Cat Vs. Rat 搏盡 1982
Producer The Spirit of the Sword 武松 1982
Producer The 82 Tenants 楚留香之幽靈山莊 1982
Producer The Pure and the Evil 青春1000日 1982
Producer Hex After Hex 三十年細說從頭 1982
Producer Passing Flickers 鬼畫符 1982
Producer Ode to Gallantry 如來神掌 1982
Producer My Rebellious Son 卒仔抽車 1982
Producer The Brave Archer and His Mate 小子有種 1982
Producer Teenage Dreamers 浣花洗劍 1982
Producer The Fake Ghost Catchers 神鵰俠侶 1982
Producer Winner Takes All 廣東靚仔玉 1982
Producer Human Lanterns 大旗英雄傳 1982
Producer Gang Master 八十二家房客 1982
Producer Legendary Weapons of China 檸檬可樂 1982
Producer Brothers from Walled City 幫規 1982
Producer The Duel of the Century 屍妖 1981
Producer Ambitious Kung Fu Girl 目無王法 1981
Producer The Emperor and His Brother 書劍恩仇錄 1981
Producer One Way Only 打雀英雄傳 1981
Producer Notorious Eight 南北獅王 1981
Producer Corpse Mania 龍虎小英雄 1981
Producer What Price Honesty? 武館 1981
Producer Mobfix Patrol 辛亥雙十 1981
Producer Bewitched 千門八將 1981
Producer A Bride’s Nightmare 衝鋒車 1981
Producer Avengers from Hell 單程路 1981
Producer Murderer Pursues 千王鬥千霸 1981
Producer Martial Club 陸小鳳之決戰前後 1981
Producer Challenge of the Gamesters 射鵰英雄傳第三集 1981
Producer Mahjong Heroes 紅粉動江湖 1981
Producer The Brave Archer Part III 1981
Producer Lion Vs Lion 叉手 1981
Producer Treasure Hunters I.Q.笨蛋 1981
Producer Masked Avengers 踩線 1981
Producer The Battle for the Republic of China 鬼域 1981
Producer The Tiger and the Widow 徐老虎與白寡婦 1980
Producer The Last Judgement 梁天來 1979
Producer Shaolin Rescuers 街市英雄 1979
Producer Godfather’s Fury 爛鬼與車頭 1978
Producer Legend of the Bat 蝙蝠傳奇 1978

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