2014 Umbrella Movement

2014 Umbrella Movement

Denise Ho is considered by some as a pop figurehead of the Umbrella Movement, as she was one of the more vocal members from the local entertainment industry who supported the movement. Her outspokenness during the events of late 2014 drew more media attention to the cause; however she states that her civic participation caused an immediate backlash to her career and earning potential in the mainland. Ho sung a song which became popular during the protests (see link below). She, along with other artists, academics and media professionals founded Hong Kong Shield, an alliance in support of the student movement. Hong Kong Shield has a Youtube channel consisting of four Cantonese videos, the most popular of which features Ho as β€œMadam Goo” performing songs in a spoofed version of a police press conference.

Denise Ho as β€œMadam Goo”

Hong Kong Shield on Facebook

Hong Kong Shield Youtube Channel


SCMP – β€œCanto-pop star Denise Ho vows to fight on for democracy despite mainland backlash.” By Vivienne Chow, South China Morning Post. 7 November 2014.

SCMP- β€œHong Kong pop singer Denise Ho: Occupy Central students inspire me.”

Denise Ho being interviewed by Wall Street Journal