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Linda Lai
Linda Lai

As an undergraduate, Linda Lai was an English major minoring in Fine Arts at the Chinese University of Hong 
Kong. She then studied abroad in the US, obtaining an M.A. degree in 
communication and journalism at Wheaton College, Illinois, and her Ph.D. in Cinema Studies from New York University. Lai currently 
teaches at the City University of Hong Kong’s School of Creative 
Media, where she serves as an Associate Professor and leader of BA (Creative Media). Alongside her academic work, Lai has been active as an interdisciplinary artist. Her creative work explores various forms of experimental historiography, from videography, visual 
ethnography to digital and mixed media installations. She has been in International competition three times at the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen (I Told Them My Camera Was On [2005], Shanghai 
Saga: Other Skies, Other Lands [2009], Non-place, Other Space [2011]). Her various video works have been shown at the London Open City Documentary Festival, International Women’s Festival at Seoul, Women Make Waves Taipei, Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, LOOP-Barcelona Video Art Fair/Festival, plus various European and US festivals. She is also featured in the experimental film/video festival circuits around Asia, including EXiS (Seoul), EXiT (Taipei), EXiM (Macao), and KLEX (Kuala Lumpur). Her installations have been exhibited at such venues as the Digital Art Center Taipei, Hong Kong Art Biennial, Hong Kong Contemporary Art Award, and the Shanghai Biennale. Lai’s video works have been archived at Videotage and the 
Asia Art Archive. Her video works have received full incitation in ASPECTS: the 
Chronicle of New Media Art (v. 18, fall 2011, Boston) and in scholar Kimburley Choi’s contribution to the Hong Kong Film Critics Society’s first book on local independent documentaries (蔡穎儀,「黎肖嫻與麥海珊:兩女性在紀錄片形式的實驗」,《製造香港──本土獨立紀錄片初探》,張偉雄、周思中合編, 香港電影評論學會,香港, 2011).

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Role Title (English) Title (Chinese) Year
Director The House, The Flat (aka La Casa 1-2) 居所一、二 2014
Director Doors Medley 重重門。門對門。 2014
Director Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama 景框戲門 2012
Director Voices Seen, Images Heard (Trailer) 看得見的聲音,聽得見的形象 2009
Director Non-place, Other Space (Trailer) 隱城・懸浮半空 2009
Director Shanghai Saga: Other Skies, Other Lands (Trailer) 上海歌:另尋天地 2009
Director Trespassing World Cities (Trailer) 搖擺過路人 2005
Director Door Game (Trailer) 戲門 2005
Director I Told Them My Camera Was On (Trailer) 六度分離∶準備好未? 2004-5


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Door Games Window Frames: Near Drama (2012):

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I Told Them My Camera Was On (2004-5): 

Les Rencontres Internationales – Linda Chiu-han LAI

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Linda Lai received the Artist of the Year Award in Media Arts granted by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council 

Linda Lai interviewed by Hong Kong Arts Development Council

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