Occupy and Women on the Internet — Part 3/3

Occupy and Women on the Internet — Part 3/3

Journalism and Media Studies Centre, HKU

The Umbrella Movement – 2014 / 22’42 min

A group of nine students from the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong developed an exclusive student documentary about the Umbrella Movement for MSNBC’s digital streaming channel in December 2014. The article released by JMSC (linked below) highlights the experience of production editor Joyce Liu, whose perspective of the project was framed by her identity as a mainland student in Hong Kong.

Full movie: The Umbrella Movement

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The Umbrella Movement
The Umbrella Movement (2014), by JMSC

Short Films by Birdy Chu

The Interviews – dir. Birdy Chu / 2015 / 7’43 min

The Interviews (2015)
The Interviews (2015)

The Night That My Tears Dropped – dir. Birdy Chu / 2015 / 14’30 min

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These two Umbrella Movement films by male filmmaker Birdy Chu feature the female perspective of the protesters whom he interviews. While the films themselves do not focus exclusively on the female voice, the participation and opinions of women are well represented, alongside the opinions of a wide range of people from different backgrounds. The Interviews mainly shows footage from the protests accompanied by the voices of those he interviews who have chosen to remain anonymous. The Night That My Tears Dropped is more action-based, and reconstructs the night on 28th September 2014 when the crowds were hit by tear gas, and the ripple effect that this first intense conflict had on the ensuing events.

Facebook Page of Birdy Chu: https://www.facebook.com/BirdyChuPhotography

The Night that my Tears Dropped (2015)
The Night That My Tears Dropped (2015)

Organisation: Keyboard Frontline. Reporter: Glacier Kwong.

Glacier C. Kwong is a volunteer who reported on the front lines of the Umbrella Movement for Keyboard Frontline. Kwong helped found the non-profit NGO established in 2011 in Hong Kong to fight for greater user rights under the 2012 Copyright amendment bill (also known as the Internet Article 23) for netizens. The website and more information can be found at http://kbfl.org/

Kwong was interviewed by CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout in February 2015’s On China, along with Hong Kong Labour Party’s Lee Cheuk-yan and student activist leader, Joshua Wong. (link: https://pressroom.turner.com/hk/cnn-international/china/month-cnn’s-‘-china’-occupy-generation#.VPFhh0KqeFJ)

Glacier Kwong reporting from the protest site, 29 September 2014
Glacier Kwong reporting from the protest site, 29 September 2014

Glacier Kwong’s Youtube reports during the Umbrella Movement:

Hong Konger: Please Help Hong Kong 2:
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Hong Konger: Please Help Hong Kong 3:
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Hong Konger: Please Help Hong Kong 4:
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