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Petula Ho
Petula Ho Sik -ying

A scholar whose research work focuses on issues of gender and sexuality, Petula Sik Ying Ho teaches at the University of Hong Kong’s Department of Social Work and Administration. She obtained her B.Soc.Sc.,. and M. Soc. Sc., Phil. from the University of Hong Kong, while she studied for her doctorate degree at the University of Essex. In recent years, Ho has expanded upon her academic work by branching into documentary filmmaking to explore the integration of arts and scholarship. Beginning in 2007, she has made several series of short films, based on interviews with individuals from various sectors of society. These include 22 Springs, The Invincible (2008-2009); Whatever Will Be, Will Be: Mothers Daughters of Hong Kong (2010-2011), , Hong Kong Calling Tokyo (2011-2013), and The “Kong-lo” Chronicles (2010-2014).


Feature Films:

RoleTitle (English)Title (Chinese)Year
Director  Hong Kong calling Tokyo:2011-2013
The Fairy Spa – Physical and Spiritual Beauty神仙水療:身心靈美容院
Cosmopolitan Japanese Women – educated in France, Australia, UK, US (Trailer)日本的大都會女性:在法國、澳洲、英國、美國留學的她們
Art in the Blood – Opera singers & Jazz dancers骨子裡的藝術:歌劇與爵士舞的她們
Japanese Women with Alternative Sexualities另類性/別的她們
Three wishes of Rose (Trailer)玫瑰三願
DirectorCross Border Men2010-2011
The prince and the pauper (Trailer)山寨王子
Love and punish – A father-daughter dialogue (Trailer)愛與罰: 父女心經
DirectorWhatever will be will be: Mother Daughters of Hong Kong:2010-2011
Love and punish (Trailer)愛與罰
I love Tin Shui Wai (Trailer)我愛天水圍
New women (Trailer)新女性
Twins Café (Trailer)雙生茶檔
The making of an iron man (Trailer)鐵人前傳
The cancer alliance (Trailer)癌之聯盟
An athlete and her mother (Trailer)欖球媽媽
A family Sonata Part 2家之奏鳴曲
Transpacific Mother Part 2太空媽打
Love endures all things Part 2愛是恆久忍耐
Jolene and Mrs. Mok – abMother Part 2愛媽媽悲媽媽
Miss Chung and Mrs. Chung – abMother Part 2愛媽媽悲媽媽
Director22 Springs : The Invincible(4 DVDs with 30 short films):香港廿二春:師奶列傳2007
Prologue (Trailer)N/A
Marriage as a package tour (Trailer)我跟團 我唔跟團
Ugly Betty (Trailer)闖世界
Betty in Paris Betty (Trailer)闖巴黎之時裝治單思
Betty in Italy Betty (Trailer)闖米蘭之全院滿座
The comfort of strangers (Trailer)陌路同情
Conference as feminist ethnography點止開會咁簡單
Good morning, class! (Trailer)老師早晨
Gateway 57因緣57
Love endures all things (Trailer)愛是恆久忍耐
Daughters Work, Sons Study (Trailer)同一生產線上
Giving is better than receiving (Trailer)施比受更為有福
I do not need 3 wishes (Trailer)玫瑰不要三願
Has your heart been touched? (Trailer)心動
What do I know of those? (Trailer)教我如何面對它?
Trigger finger (Trailer)彈弓手
Of women, dogs and ai (love) (Trailer)師奶俠侶
Ending on a happy note (Trailer)幸福休止符
Waiting to die (Trailer)生難死不難
Hello Mimi (Trailer)N/A
Forever sexy, forever slim (Trailer)索靚瘦
A happy couple who will not get married (Trailer)而家幾好
abMother (Trailer)愛媽媽悲媽媽
My daughter is an artist (Trailer)原來我女兒是梵古
My son, not my son (Trailer)那人那女那狗
Love in a dream (Trailer)愛夢呢喃
Transpacific Mother (Trailer)太空媽打
A family sonata (Trailer)家之奏鳴曲
Virgin Mary (Trailer)萬福瑪利亞
24 (Trailer)24



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Personal website: http://sikyingho.socialwork.hku.hk/


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