Liu, To

Ms. To Liu is a new face in the Hong Kong independent filmmaking scene. She graduated from the Literature Department of Beijing Film Academy in 2012. She has made several film essays during the period she traveled to Beijing from Hong Kong, including I’ve been back to… (2012) and From Mao to Meow (2012). The first of her pieces to gain critical attention wasΒ A Tiny Handheld Camera, a seven-minute short film that showed an absurd scene where the police tried to prevent filming during the Umbrella Movement in Hong Kong in 2014. She is currently working on several ongoing documentary projects, including theoral-histories of her family and stories of the Umbrella Movement. She releasedΒ another documentary related to the Umbrella Movement in 2016 –Β The Sound of Sights Unseen.

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η΄€ιŒ„η‰‡γ€Šι‹η½δΉ‹ε€œγ€‹”The Sound of Sights Unseen”