2019 Anti-ELAB Movement

Stefani Kuo

Stefani Kuo 郭佳怡 is a native of Hong Kong and graduate of Yale University in Theatre Studies. Currently based in New York, Stefani has worked in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Berlin, Provence, and the U.S. She is currently a member of the writers group Interstate 73 with Page 73, as well as Speakers Corner with Gingold Theatrical Group.

2047 Stefani Kuo part 1
2047 Stefani Kuo part 2
2047 Stefani Kuo part 3

Stefani Kuo’s website: http://www.stefanikuo.com/

Overseas students in the US debate on Hong Kong protests

Four international students studying in New York, from Hong Kong and mainland China, spoke to South China Morning Post about their thoughts on the ongoing civil unrest.