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Interview with Katrien Jacobs (Institute of Network Cultures)

Source: http://networkcultures.org/netporn/press/interview-with-katrien-jacobs/

Interview with Katrien Jacobs


An interview with Katrien Jacobs about netporn and identity. By Miriam Tola aka Synner.

This interview focuses on Katrien Jacobs porn activism and research. A scholar, writer, artist and activist Jacobs is assistant professor in digital media at City University of Hong Kong.
She has lectured and published widely on digital media, art, performativity and censorship. She is author of Libi_doc: Journeys in the Performance of Sex Art, recently published by Maska Publications (http://www.maska.si). Jacobs was guest/curator for The Art and Politics of Netporn (September 30 October 1 2005 Amsterdam). To know more about her check http://www.libidot.org.
A different version of the interview has been pusblished by Alias, an Italian magazine distributed with “Il manifesto”.

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China: Sex, Censorship and the Rise of ‘People’s Porn’ (Global Voices)

Source: http://globalvoicesonline.org/2011/09/07/china-sex-censorship-and-the-rise-of-peoples-porn/

China: Sex, Censorship and the Rise of ‘People’s Porn’

Posted 7 September 2011 12:26 GMT Written by Ronald Yick

Much of the discussion surrounding Chinese Internet culture has centered on the rise of online human rights activism, but the emergence of an online erotic culture that openly describes individuals’ personal sexual activities has also been evident in recent years.

Associate Professor Katrien Jacobs‘ research at The Chinese University of Hong Kong on “People’s Pornography” has investigated the culture of ‘Do It Yourself’ amateur porn on the Chinese Internet, as well as the interplay between pornography producers and consumers within the state’s censorship mechanism. Continue reading

Sex: The Chinese perspective (CNN Travel)

Source: http://travel.cnn.com/hong-kong/life/katrien-jacobs-522084

Sex: The Chinese Perspective

Hong Kong academic Katrien Jacobs is about to publish her first book on Chinese people’s views of pornography and sexual identity

Katrien Jacobs is writing a book about pornography in China. The research process sounds stressful.

Jacobs describes an experiment in which she and a group of her students went to a Starbucks coffeehouse in Shenzhen to search for sexually explicit media on the Internet. The aim was to see what they could access through mainland China’s Great Firewall.

“I was more scared than my students were,” admits Jacobs who is a professor of visual culture studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “We were there for 30 minutes and we found all this porn using an Internet connection in a public space.”

Pornography has been officially banned in China since the foundation of the People’s Republic in 1949. Harsh punishments are imposed on those caught purchasing, producing or distributing materials considered a violation of public morality.

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Interview – Katrien Jacobs (E-International Relations)

Source: http://www.e-ir.info/2014/07/21/interview-katrien-jacobs/

Interview – Katrien Jacobs


Katrien Jacobs is Associate Professor in Cultural and Religious Studies at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on how digital media influences perceptions of the body, art, and sexuality.

She published in the first issue of Porn Studies on ‘Internationalizing porn studies’. Her most recent book is  People’s Pornography: Sex and Surveillance on the Chinese Internet. She has lectured and published widely about pornography, censorship and media activism in Hong Kong and global media environments. She is also working on long-term research projects in visual anthropology that detail the impact of Japanese animation on South East Asian youth cultures and social networks.

Professor Jacobs discusses her research on pornography in the context of global capitalism, social control, and superpower rivalry. Continue reading

Sex Brain Melody (Time Out Hong Kong)

Source: http://www.timeout.com.hk/around-town/events/10912/sex-brain-melody.html

Sex Brain Melody

Jun 24

When it comes to sex in our city, the most recent public memory has been so played out that our mental blocks are on automatic every time it comes up. That’s right; I’m talking about Edison Chen and his ever so naughty photo scandal. However, what was bad for Edison – and Gillian Cheung – was good for us, baring (pun intended) as it did the average Hongkonger’s attitude towards sex. “It burst a bubble of secrecy and up-tightness,” suggests Katrien Jacobs, assistant professor at City University, and an artist in the field of new media and sexuality.

Originating from Belgium, Jacobs was fascinated by the scandal, and the way it forced this city to reveal its own comfort zones when it came to sex and sexual images in the public eye. Fortuitously, the Chen scandal coincided with a project she had been working on, documenting the progress of sex and erotica in Hong Kong through film. Continue reading