The 13th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival

Jun 6 – 22, 2019

The 13th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival will be held from 6 to 22 June 2019, with 55 local and overseas films to be screened at Broadway Cinematheque, MOViE MOViE Cityplaza and MY CINEMA YOHO MALL. Tickets are now available at broadway circuit.

10 Themed Programmes  
To Observe the Nature of Humanities

19 local and 23 international short films are to be screened and make 10 themed programmes. Each programme, namely “Having as Losing”, “Love vs Duty”, “We are Family”, “A Comedy of Errors”, “Multiple Sex Choices”, “Who Invented Work?”, “Vain is Hope”, “Men and the City”, “The Marginal”, “Read and Done For”, consists of 4-5 local and international short films and accompanied by sharing sessions with the local directors. By appreciating and comparing the works of both local and international filmmakers, we reflect upon and rethink about our relationship with society and the world, so as to understand ourselves better and open up further possibilities.

6 Must-watch

1 Opening Film The Pluto Moment: Directed by Zhang Ming, one of the “6th generation” filmmakers from China, this film reflects his frustrations and hardships in filmmaking. Chloe Maayan (Three Husbands) shines with her role as an enigmatic young widow.  

2 Opening Film A Thousand Sails: The new short film by Eric Tsang, winner of last year’s Fresh Wave Award), is a short tale about the poignant separation between city and village, mother and son 

3 NEW! Budding Filmmakers: The new addition this year is the Budding Filmmakers to Follow Series, which showcases nine recommended short films directed by emerging Asian filmmakers, namely Chieh YANG, HOU Chi-jan, River HUANG and Takuma SATO. IncludingCronos (Best Editing (Opening Division) Golden Harvest Awards), Scissors And The CatGirl And Boy and Sticks And Stones.

4 Dilemma: Spawning Migration, I Come Empty-handed & PT Human from Local Competition;Facing Mecca (winner of CILECT Prize 2018 – Fiction) & Trials (Grand Prix, VGIK International Student Festival) from International Selection

5 Family’s Struggle: Seventeen Floor & The Redemption from Local Competition; Little Jaffna(Prix Canal +, Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival) & By A Hair (Pile Poil) (Fernand Raynaud Laughter Award) from International Selection

6 Boundaries of love?: The Dropout Of Her & Call Girl And The Pimps from Local Competition; At The Border (CIBA Best Film – Fiction, CILECT Prize 2018) & Pernicio (Best Student Film, Richard Harris International Film Festival) from International Selection

Programme details:

Programme Enquiry
Simon Au (Senior Festival Officer)
Tel: 3619 4565

Media Enquiry
Wong Wai Lun (Communications Officer)
Tel: 3619 4520       


Q&A: Ann Hu On Being A Chinese-Born Filmmaker And Foreign Film Distribution In China

Ann Hu is a Chinese-born writer, producer, and director who is known for her work on films such as her award-winning debut, Shadow Magic, and her upcoming feature film, Confetti. She is the founder and president of Media Assets Inc., a media investment company that specializes in financing media projects, film productions, the arts, and other ventures. Hu is also the co-founder of Media Alive, a film distribution company that is dedicated to bringing international films to the Chinese market.

Hu will be a participant on the consumer and retail panel at SupChina’s third annual Women’s Conference, which will take place on Monday, May 20, at the Harmonie Club of New York. Before the event, she spoke with us about how she became a filmmaker and foreign film distribution in China.

For the full article, please visit SUPChina

HKUST Associate Professor launches non-conventional “Chinese Independent films” programme to inspire students’ interest in film making

HKUST Division of Humanities Associate Professor Daisy Du launched the “Chinese Independent films” programme to introduce different genres of films and basic skills of film-making. 

Students taking the programme do not need to take an exam or submit a paper, but have to make a 10-minute film before completing the programme.  One former student said the programme has inspired him so much that now he is pursuing a career in producing TV programme.

Professor Du said HKUST believes humanities subjects is as important as science and engineering subjects, and hoped students can help the underprivileged through the curriculum.

(Sing Tao, Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po)

The 9th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival

The 9th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival

Venue: Louis Koo Cinema, Hong Kong Arts Centre 
Date: 2019.05.03 – 2019.05.05

Words have limits. Body language, on the other hand, can express ideas through its inherent energy and vivaciousness. Over the past nine years, Deaf Films change the landscape of Hong Kong movie-viewing and cinematography.  The 9th Hong Kong International Deaf Film Festival will be held from 3 May to 5 May at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Festival Schedule3/5 (Fri) 7:30pm    Opening Ceremony & Programme 1: Growing Up Deaf4/5 (Sat) 2:15pm   Programme 2: Sign Rhapsody4/5 (Sat) 4:30pm   Programme 3: The Sweet and Sour of Deaf Life4/5 (Sat) 7:30pm   Programme 4: Special Selection from US Deaf Film Festival The Strength Within You5/5 (Sun) 2:15pm  Programme 5: Close Deaf Companion5/5 (Sun) 4:30pm  Seminar: Sign Language Education and Film Empowerment5/5 (Sun) 7:30pm  Programme 6: Marie’s Story Tickets are available at URBTIX now. 

The festival includes films by two female filmmakers Katia Belas and Trudy Sargent.

‘Leftover Women’: Tribeca Review

Three unmarried career women struggle with outdated social mores in China

 In China, career-focused women who haven’t married by their late-twenties are often referred to as “sheng nu” or “leftover women”, a derogatory term to begin with, and especially so when one considers that many have achieved tremendous professional success in highly competitive sectors. Returning to China after making an impact with their internet addiction treatment documentary Web Junkie (2013), Shosh Shlam and Hilla Medalia follow three “leftover women” who are trying to reconcile the outmoded yet still firmly held expectations of their parents with more individualistic goals. The result is an emotionally complex piece of personal portraiture that intimately reveals the extent to which traditional attitudes still dominate Chinese society regardless of its globalised surface.

For the full review, please visit Screen Daily