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Ann Hui’s Our Time Will Come abruptly pulled from Shanghai opening slot

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The Shanghai International Film Festival has abruptly replaced its opening film just one week before the start of its 20th edition (June 16-26).

Ann Hui’s Our Time Will Come (ζ˜ŽζœˆεΉΎζ™‚ζœ‰) was announced as the opening film during a splashy event held in Cannes on May 19th. The war drama was also announced as being included in the festival’s Golden Goblet competition.

On the 9th, the festival suddenly announced a new opening film – Bille August’s The ChineseWidow, starring Liu Yifei and Emile Hirsch – along with the rest of the Golden Goblet competition titles. Our Time Will Come is still part of the Golden Goblet competition, but it’s not known whether the film will have a public screening since the screening schedule has not been released to the public.

The previous announcement on the festival’s official website that included mention of Our Time Will Come

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