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[BAFTSS] Chinese Film Forum UK Event – Women, Identity, Creative Industries – September 16th

[BAFTSS] Chinese Film Forum UK Event – Women, Identity, Creative Industries – September 16th

The Chinese Film Forum UK will be hosting a free one-day event of presentations and film on September 16th at 70 Oxford Street, Manchester on women, identity and the creative industries, with a special focus on contemporary Chinese and East Asian art and cinema.

A full programme and details of how to register for the event can be found here.

Divided into two halves, the day will consist of a morning of paper presentations and discussions and a free afternoon film screening of contemporary independent Chinese-language production, Female Directors.

The morning session will bring together speakers with experience across academia and the creative industries, promoting dialogue and raising questions concerning the recent rise in interest on women in the film and art industries. There will be presentations and discussions from a number of experts in the field during this session, including:
Dr. Colette Balmain (Kingston University)
‘Women Warriors, Wolves and Witches: constructions of female (a)sexuality in contemporary Chinese cinema’
Shu-Yi Lin (Kings College London)
‘Negotiating Queer Genealogy in the Films of Zero Chou’
Linda Pittwood (University of Nottingham)
‘A message to the future: looking back to find Chinese feminism in contemporary art’
Ying Tan (Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art)
‘Everyday transformations – a case study into artistic practice of Guan Xiao’
Dr. Sabrina Qiong Yu (Newcastle University)
‘The Development of Transmedia Practices Within the Entertainment Industries’

In the afternoon, at 2.30pm, there will be a free screening of Female Directors (ε₯³ε―ΌζΌ”, Dir. Yang Mingming, 2012, 43 mins). This film is one of many touring the world as part of a season of films, China Now: Independent Visions, curated by North American film scholar and critic Shelly Kraicer. Blurring the lines between documentary and fiction, Female Directors, is a gleeful and energetic expression of working in China’s creative industries as frustrated young women: highlighting central themes of the day’s discussion and how they might inform creative practice.

In addition to Female Directors, there will be an associated screening of films from ‘China Now: Independent Visions’ taking place at HOME on Thursday, September 15th. Introduced by CFFUK member Tamara Courage, this screening includes two short films – Perfect Conjugal Bliss (花ε₯½ζœˆεœ†, Dir. Zhong Su, 2014, 5 mins) and How (在ε“ͺε„Ώ, Dir. Zhang Yipin, 2013, 5 mins) – and the baudy feature length documentary Cut Out the Eyes (ζŒ–ηœΌη›, Dir. Xu Tong, 2014, 80 mins). Information and tickets can be found on the HOME website.

The event is supported by Chinese Film Forum UK, HOME, University of Manchester, Confucius Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University, University of Salford, and the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s NWCDTP fund.

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