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Transactions of Desire (IFVA)

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Transactions of Desire

Transactions of Desire explores our emotional responses against the demands of society. The eight short films question what really motivate our intimate relationships and actions. This screening includes 2 short films Breathe in/Breathe out and An Emo Nose, which is produced by our ifva talents Tsang Tsui-shan Jessey (Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Director) and Wong Ping (Gold Award winner of Animation category in the 18th ifva Awards) respectively. The screening was followed by the launching of short stories anthology Transactions of Desire.

18/3 (Fri) | 7:30pm | agnès b. CINEMA | Blu-ray | 75′ | Free admission | With after-screening discussion
Produced and distributed by:
An Emo Nose
Wong Ping
Col / 4’23” / In Cantonese with Chinese and English subtitlesI have lost my interest in any kind of social activities after my nose left me. Am I enjoying loneliness as I thought, or the ugliness of the people around me makes me feel being alone is actually not bad at all?

Over the Rainbow (Extract)
Rachel Maclean
Col / 17’16” / In English with no subtitlesRachel Maclean creates synthetic spaces in which Katy Perry discuses teeth whitening with an aristocratic cat, a decapitated diva dances to hip-pop and a pastel coloured dog sings for The Queen. Maclean is the only actor or model in her work and invents a variety of characters that embody unstable identities: conversing, interacting and shifting between cartoonish archetypes, ghostly apparitions and hollow inhuman playthings.

breathe in/breathe out
Tsang Tsui-shan Jessey
Col / 10’31” / No Dialogue and subtitlesJessey Tsang produces films with various in style and theme with love being an indispensable element. When HOME commissioned her to make a film with “The heart is deceitful above all things” as the theme, she gave thoughts to create her first dance video work, which explores the destructive relationship between men and women and the condition of personal internal renewal. This is a film with no dialogue but only body movements features young dance talents Huen Tin-yeung Cliff and Jessica Cheung from local dance company Four Degrees Dance Laboratory.  Dance, in the name of lust and love.

Sounding Out- plant hunters, space seeker, listeners, fakers, keepers
Una Knox
Col / 6’36” / No Dialogue and subtitlesIn filmmaking, room tone is the ‘silence’ recorded at a location or space. This silence is distinct, a presence created by the space boundaries – walls, ceiling, floor and other objects in the room, in relation to a microphone. Within a tropical landscape a speech pathologist, working with the human body as acoustic space, uses voice to sound out and understand the surrounding inner and outer atmospheres.

Chris Paul Daniels
Col / 5’42” / In English with no subtitlesDaniels references the filmography of Todd Haynes’ through the TV advertisement that lures Carol towards the Wrenwood Centre – the looming New Age retreat in SAFE but uses inanimate protagonists in the style of Superstar – The Karen Carpenter Story. Daniels explores broader institutional critiques and the pressured expectations of the arts centre to fully engage communities and deliver transformative experiences within an austerity context.

Mall Walking
Rob Crosse
Col / 12’59” / No dialogue and subtitlesMall Walking was completed as part of a residency at the Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts in Omaha, Nebraska earlier this year. A short study of the largely US based phenomenon of mall walkers, often elderly citizens who complete circuits and laps of shopping centres, often totalling many miles, as part of a personalised exercise regime.

Mishima in Mexico
Wu Tsang
Col / 13’57” / In English with no subtitlesA short performance film that draws inspiration from Yukio Mishima’s novel Thirst for Love and the author’s legacy within a global queer context. Wu-Tsang, in collaboration with Alexandro Segade, relocates the story to a single hotel room in Mexico City. A writer and director are struggling to relate through the creative process, while on-screen, as Etsuko and Saburo, they shift in and out of mutable characters. Using an experimental narrative, the sense of reality and fantasy and the separation between observer and observed starts to collapse.All images courtesy the artist, Clifton Benevento (New York), Michael Benevento (Los Angeles) & Isabella Bortolozzi (Berlin).

Sir You Will Doubless Be Astonished/ We Need To Talk About Neil
Laura Morrison
Col / 2’7” / In English with no subtitlesThis one guy asked me for my autograph and included his home address. I thought that was pretty off. I’d never give some randomer my home address. Maybe that’s bc I’m a girl and vulnerable and I need to be safe. This is an official new movie trailer I made with some good vibes now I hope. So fun – except we did a typo in the credits and was too late to change it. Hope you like my work! (The other guy, Neil no.2 is really cool. If you need copywriting stuff in Sheffield or Manchester you should def use him: http://wheatleycopywriting.co.uk/)



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