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World Premiere of Almost a Revolution – A Kwok Tat Chun & Kong King Chu film

《幾乎是,革命》世界首映 郭達俊、江瓊珠作品
World Premiere of Almost a Revolution – A Kwok Tat Chun & Kong King Chu film

放映日期Screening Date:16 / 5 / 2015 (星期六 Sat)
放映時間Screening time:2:15pm (180 min)
地點 Venue:香港兆基創意書院多媒體劇場Multi-media Theatre , HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity
地址 Address:九龍聯合道135號135 Junction Road, Kowloon City, Kowloon

The producers of the film, Kwok Tat Chun & Kong King Chu both will take part in a post screening discussion.

A Fundraising screening in aid of the Centre for Community Cultural Development

Support CCCD, a community arts organization of the Hong Kong people, and an organization that seeks to empower through the arts, one that keeps abreast of the times.

我們的目標是在今次慈善放映可以籌募20萬元。 期盼 閣下慷慨資助,蒞臨現場觀影,或者贊助其他有需要人士來參加我們的放映活動,以 $300, $600, $1,200 或者任何數目的善款來贊助電影門票,支持我們的工作。

Our fundraising target is $200,000. Please come to our fundraising show and supporting us by purchasing tickets at $300, $600 or $1,200 (or more). If you can not come to the screening, we shall help you to arrange your ticket for needy persons who can.

HDV / 彩色 / 180min / 廣東話對白,英文字幕


江瓊珠: 進一步出版社主編, 【西西紀錄片】導演
郭達俊: 前鏗鏘集導演及製作人

Almost a Revolution
A film by Kwok Tat Chun & Kong King Chu
HDV / Colour / 180min / In Cantonese with English Subtitles
Produced in 2015
Coordinator: Step Forward Multi Media Co. Ltd.

Whatever you call it, a revolution or a movement, it was at all times unpredictable. Since Professor Benny Tai first propagated the idea of Civil Disobedience to the public in 2013, activists in Hong Kong have immersed themselves in the long journey fighting for universal suffrage. In this film, we documented 7 activists: legislator, professor, retired teachers, social commentator, community organizer and student, all of whom had actively taken part in the movement with different perspectives and roles. From Occupy Central to umbrella movement, they encountered love and peace, tear gas and baton, hope and disappointment, solidarity and confrontation, anxiety and misgivings……Through intensive participation, they all experienced a new form of struggle initiated by the young generation. Whether they agreed or disagreed, they persisted to the very end. Even now, most still face possible prosecution by the Government. To them, obviously, the struggle is far from over.

Kong King Chu : Chief Editor of Stepforward Publishing Company, director of documentary on Xixi
Kwok Tat Chun : Ex-producer, Director at RTHK


Centre for Community Cultural Development (CCCD) was founded in 2004, its goal and mission are to promote and practice community cultural development through performances, workshops and other activities that empower individuals and communities. CCCD endeavours to create greater space for community cultural development, upholding the right of every one to partake in cultural activities not just as passive consumer but also as active creator of the arts. CCCD engages in many international art exchange activities and in 2014, it set up the Creative Arts Therapy Service Centre. CCCD is a registered charity in Hong Kong.

電話 Tel: (852) 2891 8482 / (852) 2891 8488
傳真 Fax: (852) 2891 8483
電郵 email: cccd@cccd.hk
網站 Website: www.cccd.hk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cccd1
地址 Address: 香港九龍石硤尾白田街30號賽馬會創意藝術中心 L205-208
L205 -208 Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, 30 Pak Tin Street,
Shek Kip Mei, Kowloon, Hong Kong.


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