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Please Support 3.13 Fundraising Film Gala 3.13《爭氣》慈善電影籌款 (The Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres)

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3.13 Fundraising Film Gala

Interested parties please send back the reply slip to us before March 6. Seats are assigned on a first come first served basis.

訂票或查詢 Ticketing or enquiry:2748 8102 / info@womencentre.org.hk

《爭氣》是一齣由L plus H Creations Foundation及Lee Hysan Foundation聯合出品、奧斯卡金像紀錄片得主楊紫燁(Ruby Yang) 執導的感人勵志電影,一部向教育工作者致敬、獻給香港年輕人及家長的寫實作品。


“My Voice, My Life,” a Hong Kong documentary directed by Oscar winner Ruby Yang, chronicles the trials and tribulations of a group of under-privileged middle and high school students as they underwent six months of vigorous training to produce a musical on stage. A life-affirming journey of self-discovery and growth, the stories of these young people will challenge every parent, teacher and policy maker in Hong Kong to reflect on our way of nurturing the young.

The film is produced by the L plus H Creations Foundation, in association with Lee Hysan Foundation.

香港婦女中心協會 成立於1981年,是一間非政府資助註冊慈善團體,同時亦是香港公益金和香港社會服務聯會的會員機構及聯合國經濟及社會理事會特別諮商成員。自成立至今,為有不同需要、年齡和背景的婦女提供多元化婦女為本服務。現時會員人數超過1,300人,大部分為基層婦女。http://womencentre.org.hk/

The Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centres, established in 1981 is an independent, charitable organization that relies on community donations and grants for our work. We are a member of The Community Chest and The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, and we are in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. Our long history means that we have a track record of advancing the needs and the interests of women in Hong Kong. We have over 1,300 members whose backgrounds are diverse, with many from the grassroots sector. http://womencentre.org.hk/


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