Hong Kong Women Filmmakers

2005 Inaugural Film Competition Winner Kit Hui (The Rose Group)

Source:Β http://www.therosegroup.org/caffc/past_competition_winners_kit_hui.htm

Kit Hui is a graduate of Columbia University’s Graduate Film Program. Prior to studying at Columbia, Hui worked at Killer Films as the post-production assistant on Boys Don’t Cry, and assisted producer Jeff Levy-Hinte at Antidote International Films during the development and production of Wendigo, Laurel Canyon and Thirteen. Mentored by filmmaker Tom Kalin (Swoon, Savage Grace), she made a number of short films while at Columbia, most notably her 35mm thesis film, “Missing”, which will premiere at the 2005 Tribeca Film Festival, and a Super 16mm film, “A Rainy Day”, which won the Best Cinematography Award at the International Student Film Festival at Buenos Aires and continues to travel to numerous film festivals. Her feature screenplay “The Untitled Flies Project” was selected for the 2004 Scriptnaked Project Development Workshops funded by the UK Film Council and she was chosen to participate at the 2005 Berlinale Talent Campus.

Winning Entry “A Rainy Day”

Katie has been wanting to have a child for some time now with no success. When she finally does confirm her pregnancy however, it is on an unlucky day: the funeral of her mother. Trying to come to terms with her mother’s death, Katie has a hard time accepting her own motherhood. But when she does, she comes to understand something more profound: the fragility of life and the importance of living.

Winning Entry “Missing”

Samuel’s girlfriend, Jenn, is missing. To search for her, Samuel follows a mysterious trail of words written on pieces of paper left by Jenn in the most unlikely places. As he uncovers the mystery of Jenn’s disappearance, Samuel catches a haunting glimpse of New York City and realizes something unexpected.


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