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Interview: Katrien Jacobs, Sex Researcher & Writer (Time Out Hong Kong)

Source: http://www.timeout.com.hk/feature-stories/features/28974/interview-katrien-jacobs-sex-researcher-writer.html

Interview: Katrien Jacobs, Sex Researcher & Writer

Posted: 13 Oct 2009

What do you think of Hongkongers’ attitudes towards sex?
Their attitude is overall deep caution with sparkles of lust, and steady internet hunting.

What’s the number one thing Hongkongers can do to improve their sex life?
Try to cut down on happiness about food and overtime. Good sex is Ivy League-style relaxation!

What’s the sexiest place in Hong Kong?
For me it really must be the internet and the mountains – anything close to the city but far away from the spooky high-rise architecture and the cranky crowds.


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